Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BFD: It Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Breakfast for Dinner. Where was your mind?

But really, it is kind of a "big deal." See, last week I received my bacon in the mail. That's right. My bacon, the one I created in a Bacon Making Class in December. Well, it spent its time in the smoker, and now, it is spending time on my dinner table.

I will say (humbly of course) that it seems I am a natural bacon-making goddess. My bacon, cured with curry, fenugreek, sorghum and dried figs, makes breakfast for dinner an event. Kudos to Tim Peters, to Caw Caw Creek, to the humble cast iron skillet on my stove. This was worth the wait.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Dreamed a Dream

You know, I wouldn't blame you if you thought that Pinterest was just a waste of time. In many ways, I agree with you.

The system has gotten a hold of it like everything else. That being said, I don't necessarily mean "the man" or any great consipiracy, just the idea that wow, people do like this, and we can use this for our own good.

But I would attest that I can use it for my own good as well. Case in point -- visualization.

Now, I know that this is the time of year when people such as Gabby Bernstein are showing off their visualization boards on Instagram. I think it's awesome -- I totally endorse this practice, except for one thing -- I have never been motivated to do one. That is, til Pinterest.

Last year, I started an abundance board on Pinterest. I wanted to think about good things, to visualize good things, the things I want in my life. One of the first pins I added to this board was a particular painting by the Haitian artist K. Estigene. I'd first seen this artist's work in a home in Key West, and I had to see it, to sit by it, for at least a while.

Well, through a series of small, seemingly unmeaningful, amazing events, the actual painting from my abundance board is now ... right now ... hanging in my living room.
The painting as hanging in my current residence

I'm amazed, thankful, and above all, love that many mornings find me standing in front of the painting, brushing my teeth. Beauty. And it's not the end all, or the thing that will make me happy. But it is a gift for me, and it is a wish fulfilled.

Now onto the next abundance pin ... or shall I maybe try for one of those pins I have on the board "The Land Beyond McDreamy"? I can't help but smile ... you never know "who" might be sitting in my living room this time next year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Foodie Philanthropists Took Me to the Farm, to the Table, Too

I got a mini-tour of the South for my latest article for The Local Palate, out in this month's issue. I talked to people in Atlanta, Nashville, Virginia, New Orleans and South Carolina, which was a lot for one article!

As a writer, the challenge for this piece was weaving a connection between each of the interviews. Yes, all of these people were using food to help others, but I wanted to try to map how each of them suddenly realized that they had a resource -- food -- that could be used to help.

We so often say, "But what could I do?" Well, these 5 people answered, and we're talking questions that ranged from urban blight to flood victims and more. And they all answered with "I can grow something or cook something."

Read an excerpt of the article here, and then pick up the latest issue and see all 5 stories of change through the catalyst of food. I hope you'll be as inspired as I was.

Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Like Riding a Bike

Today I put a thimble in my finger again. It's been more than 10 months since I last sewed, and I wondered, would I ever want to do it again?

I didn't pressure myself.

I enjoyed the sun, the beach, dinners with friends and late nights in courtyards where the bourbon flowed and friends were easy. But it got cold last week. Not fall cold but winter cold, at least winter for here.

I wanted to sew again, pull a thread through cloth no matter how unsexy that seems. I did it so much as a distraction to my unhappiness. I cried for that woman, the woman who sewed and sewed and sewed so she didn't have to think.

Of course she still did. Think, that is. And that's why I am here.

Here I am, on the other side of things, and the feel of my granny's thimble is still fresh on my finger. I like it. It's like going home again, though not til I was ready. And not frantic or by default or any other such label. Just sewing. Like I have in intermittent ways since I was 7. And I am covered in the quilt I am making, it not defining me or vice versa. Just being.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gratitude List for Late Fall

I am thankful, mostly every day, living here, and, well, living.

I see lengthening shadows behind spanish moss hanging in a tree in the parking lot of where I get my hair cut ...

I really like vegetables, not in a snobby, condescendingly healthy way. I just really like them ...

That being said, cookies are amazing ...

Lana Del Ray is always a good choice for an evening drive, where the sun is setting behind the construction crane on Meeting Street near the Piggly Wiggly ...

Good friends make my heart smile ...

Sometimes, Sonic ice is all you need, especially if it's at the Royal American ...

How can Spotify be free? Shhh. I don't want to know, I just want to keep it happening ...

I say I want a TV but I am too busy or preoccupied to buy one ...

Lavender and roses and the smell of fresh cut limes ...

I can rock it in high heels ...

If I like you, I am mostly likely barefooted at your house or mine ...

Knowing serendipity is more than just that ...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Public statement regarding the recent marriage of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Evangelina Jones, publicist for Stephanie Burt, has released the following statement on behalf of her client:

Although I was on the guest list for the wedding festivities of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel that took place in Southern Italy this week, Justin and I felt that it would be too painful for both of us that I attend, however thoughtful the invitation was.

It is true that in the past Justin "told me I was beautiful and I dated him on the regular." Our relationship was pretty low key, "going to a flick and stuff," and "meeting in a club," so we were able to stay away from media scrutiny. However, we had strong feelings for each other and cherished our time together. It is best that the past remain the past.

I wish J & J all the happiness and joy in their new lives together. Timbaland has called and asked me to get some carryout, so at this time I will not entertain any further questions on the matter. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Little Desk Gets a Big Desk

It's been a wonderful run, running this freelance thing life full-time. But at some point, some point a while back, I got tired. It was more than that, though. I got weary -- beyond tired of having to piece things together every month to make the bottom line balance.

Well, I am happy to say that the Little Desk is spending sometime at a new Big Desk. I have accepted a position as Social Media Director of Momentum Marketing, and so far, it's been hitting the ground running, but I like the people I work with, and the work is promoting local businesses, a niche I understand and enjoy.

The Little Desk is not going away. I will still be here, but I will only be accepting the fun writing assignments and giving myself a little more time to breathe. To see family and friends. To work on my art (yep, it's coming). To watch some football, some basketball.  But I will still be writing about it all, so please stick around. I like seeing you.